Our Team Players

Webcast Inc. was created by 3 innovative business leaders who had the entrepreneurial vision of combining their individual expertise in video product, graphic design, and internet technology to build a truly unique organization.

Webcast Inc. delivers 20 years of experience in multimedia to well over 200 global clients. Webcast Inc. is trusted by organizations in finance, health care, and government to deliver interactive media solutions. At present Webcast Inc. is developing solutions and producing image for companies all across North America and various countries in Europe.

The head office and studios are located in Toronto and supported by remote centers in 22 locations including Toronto, New York, Seattle, and Atlanta.

Manuel Rodriguez, CEO - Partner
Manuel's background includes nearly 20 years in systems management with specialization in internet applications. He brings to Webcast Inc. the experience of leading visionary technology, media businesses and a wealth of management experience. Manuel is responsible for planning and overseeing the company's unique video webcast studios and staff.

Alex Weisz, President - Partner
Alex's experience represents over 20 years in video and television production and 25 years in Business Management. Alex's vision when co-founding Webcast Inc. was crossing the bridge from focusing on broadcasting productions to delivering exceptional programs and top-selling content for the internet environment.

Sergio Lasky, CFO - Partner
Sergio's experience includes over 20 years in graphic design and business mangement. Prior to co-founding Webcast Inc. he has held Advisory Positions with several banks and financial instituions. Sergio has been instrumental in providing Unikron's clients with market driven creative concepts and ideas ultimately resulting in high return products.