Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network receives your encoded (compressed and digitized) content and distributes and delivers the webcast onto the Internet - either as a live broadcast, or as "on demand" content stored for later access. Potential end-users are able to view or listen to a webcast because a media publishing program on their computers (such as RealPlayer or Windows Media Player) decodes or converts the data stream from the webcast server.

Webcast Inc. has the capacity, coverage and expertise you need to successfully distribute high-bandwidth, digitally-rich content to your audience - regardless of device. We operate a world-class Content Delivery Network (CDN), offering on-demand and live streaming services for Adobe® Flash, HTTP Streaming for iPhone® and iPad™, Windows® Media and Microsoft® Silverlight. Our CDN is an excellent fit for a wide range of content and businesses.

To ensure ultimate reliability and availability, Webcast Inc.'s Content Delivery Network consists of streaming servers in 44 data centers around the world. A streaming server is a powerful computer with specialized Internet broadcasting software installed, connected 24 hours a day to the Internet via a high-speed high-bandwidth connection, capable of delivering multiple 'streams' of data (your webcast) to Internet users. With your content replicated on all our sites, and streamed through the server located closest to the viewers, video buffering time is reduced, thus creating the best possible viewing experience for your audience.