Media Encoders

Media encoders are part hardware and part software. An encoder captures, compresses and converts audio/video content to a format that can be streamed through the Internet with high speed and quality. Choice of encoders and the specifications of the computer running the encoder software can both greatly affect the quality of your captured audio/video as well as the speed of transferring your live events.

Our encoders are able to capture, encode, stream and archive video in a wide variety of popular encoding and streaming formats. We are able to stream in multiple different formats (Flash, Windows Media or Microsoft Silverlight) and speeds in real time, giving you the flexibility to create exactly the right content for your various audiences. This means we can stream your event, live or on-demand, in different streams for Intranet users, high-speed Internet users, dial-up users, and viewers on a wide array of mobile devices - all at the same time! We can size and scale each individual stream and customize each stream with bitmap overlays (e.g., logos), closed-captioning, etc. We can also help your IT department to implement the players within your site.