Team and Equipment

Webcast Inc.'s choice of resources will guarantee that your broadcasting solution is professionally implemented. Always count on our team for superior support and maintenance services. Customer assurance gives you peace of mind knowing that you have access to our expertise, technical skills and latest equipment and software updates. Our company equips you with a team of trained technicians who work on-site to webcast your live event. You simply schedule your presentations and our team takes care of the rest. Our responsive support team is solely committed to the success of your event and resolving your technical issues quickly and professionally. Our team can also work as project managers, joining forces with your A/V service provider to ensure you have all the technical components in place for an outstanding online experience.

Delivered through the world's strongest content delivery network, our broadcasting is safe, secure and reliable. We can supply you with the required computers, audio and video capturing devices, mixers, and any other equipment you may need to make your webcast a success.