Webcast Post and Video Production

Webcast Inc. is a division of Unikron Inc., a post and video production company in a world where storytelling and technical wizardry is vital to get your message across. We offer services ranging from video editing to motion graphics.

After shooting the video for your on-demand webcast, you may need some editing, such as cutting parts, adding sound tracks, or inserting captions or a solid intro to your video with your logo. Some editing may be necessary to increase the impact of your webcast and enhance your image and branding. Adding motion graphics is a great technique to convey a message in a quick and elegant way.

Our team consists of experienced, talented and creative professionals who are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We scout, crew up, and shoot on schedule and on budget. Once we complete the production, we cut, add graphics, design sound, master and turn out a finalized package that you will be proud to showcase.

Whether it is a piece of video you would like to create from scratch or editing of your existing webcast video, we are here to help. Meet our award winning producers, directors, shooters, editors, sound experts, graphics aces, and webmasters... all under one roof. Webcast Inc. and Unikron Inc. can help make your vision a reality. Contact us to speak with our company representative.