Audience Engagement and Interactivity Tools

Every live webcast eventhas different needs so to help ensure the success of your event, different tools and approaches should be taken to maximize its impact. At Webcast Inc. we have a wide variety of engagement and interactivity tools and the expertise to customize and match them to your specific requirements. Cutting-edge design and engagement excellence means we can dress-up (or down) your message to optimize its resonance with your target audience. Our team of expert designers, programmers, editors, and video producers can help your message resonate at a much deeper level with your desired audience.

Some of our Engagement & Interactivity tools include:

Event Pre-registration & Reminders

Let us help you build awareness and an audience for your event through the creative use of pre-registration and reminder tools. We will work with your team to create an awareness campaign that will let your audience know about your upcoming webcast, facilitate registration, and provide reminders. Depending on your event's objectives, we can also work with you to build a larger awareness campaign that includes a dedicated pre-event website, or work in conjunction with other agencies to build a pull-strategy for your audience.

Synchronized Slides with Audio/Video

We can synchronize a presentation's deck with accompanying video or audio for you. This means that participants can simultaneously see your event's speaker(s) and the slide deck presentation being delivered, ultimately deepening the impact of your message.

Synchronized Slides Webinar - Bell
[Synchronized slides with video webcast]

Live Polling from Online Audience

Through the use of our interactive live polls, you can turn the traditional webcast communication model of one-to-many members on its head. Use live polling to get a pulse from your audience on any given topic. Use the live polling to also gather a collective snap-shot on specific questions or topics, which can be used in future business planning. You can even use live polling to guide the discussion. Our team of experts will work with you to build a polling architecture that will help you and your speaker navigate through the conversation with ease.

LCBO Interactive Live Polls - Webcast Inc.
[Example of live polling]

Interactive Q&A

Help your audience be heard, whether they are meters or kilometers away from your event. Use our online Question & Answer platform to allow participants to submit questions. Have our team work with you to filter and prioritize questions for your event's speaker(s) to address. The use of Q&A can help increase and sustain audience engagement, and allow your speaker shine as an expert on the given topic.

LCBO Interactive QA - Webcast Inc.
[Example of live Q&A and polling]

Touch Screen Interface Applications

Leverage the power of our leading-edge touch screen technology to captivate your participant's attention, while simultaneously providing your speaker(s) with an intuitive and innovative interface to navigate through the event. Touch screen applications can be used to powerfully accentuate a presentation or to control more complex items such as live polling or interactive Q&A.

Heathwood Homes - Touchscreen - Webcast Inc.
[Using touch screen applications can be used to powerfully accentuate a presentation.]

Customized Player

Our strong team of in-house designers and programmers can customize your participant's webcast player, further making the live streaming in-sync with your brand essence.

Utilizing Social Media Applications

Want your audience to have the ability to share their thoughts and questions through Social Media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and more? Through our innovative Social Media application, you can facilitate this for your participants; allowing them to spread your message, interact with other participants during your event, and ultimately, enabling the potential of exponentially increasing the reach and impact of your event.

Webcast Inc Social Media Solutions - Facebook  Webcast Inc Social Media Solutions - YouTube  Webcast Inc Social Media Solutions - Twitter  Webcast Inc Social Media Solutions - LinkedIn

Interactive Analytics and Post-Event Communication

Make use of creative post-event surveys to gather critical participant feedback on your live webcast, which can be used to enhance future webcast events. After your event, we will provide you with interactive analytics that will help you hone in on your audience's details and know exactly what type of audience joined. With access to these statistics, you can also distinguish those individuals who did not participate and develop a strategy to engage them (and a new audience) post-event. For example, you can send them personalized notes with clear instructions that will let them know they can access your archived on-demand webcast. Webcast Inc. can provide you with all the information gathered during the event, from questions submitted, to live polling results and Social Media summaries. This information can not only help you assess the success of your event, but can also be used as insights for future planning.

Interactive Analytics - Webcast Inc.
[Post-event statistics]

Let us show you how to strengthen your future communication strategies. Contact us today and one of our Webcast consultants will answer all of your questions and tailor a webcast event to meet and exceed your business objectives.