On Demand / Archived Webcasting

On-demand webcasting is an ideal way to archive any events which have been previously webcast, helping preserve and prolong their value and the value of your website. This service provides your desired audience, be it employees, customers, or clients, with on-going access to your messages. Our strong global network of servers means that your message will always be available with reliable quality, 24/7.

Applications for on-demand / archived webcasting include the following:

  • Training and development videos
  • Educational videos
  • Promotional corporate content
  • Archives of previous live webcasts
  • Online commercials

Our experienced team can help further tailor your on-demand webcasts through the value of video editing and post-production services.
Click here for more information on our post production expertise.

If you need help creating on-demand videos, we offer a wide range of video production services including studio and A/V equipment rental, filming and editing. We can also create and add sounds, music and motion graphics to help ensure you have a professional quality video tailored to your message and delivered within your budget. Click here for more information on our studios and related technical expertise.

Whether your event is focused on communications, sales, investor relations, or education, we have the resources to make it a success. Webcast Inc. is trusted by some of the world's most recognized companies in the fields of finance, telecommunications, retail, healthcare, education and more. Our clients include Intel, CMA, Bell, American Library Association, Scotia Bank and World Insurance Forum. Click here for testimonials.

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